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tinyspline::BSpline Class Reference

Public Types

typedef tsBSplineType type

Public Member Functions

 BSpline (const BSpline &other)
 BSpline (size_t nCtrlp, size_t dim=2, size_t deg=3, tinyspline::BSpline::type type=TS_CLAMPED)
BSplineoperator= (const BSpline &other)
DeBoorNet operator() (real u) const
size_t degree () const
size_t order () const
size_t dimension () const
std::vector< real > controlPoints () const
std_real_vector_out controlPointAt (size_t index) const
std::vector< real > knots () const
tsBSplinedata ()
size_t numDistinctKnots () const
DeBoorNet eval (real u) const
std_real_vector_out evalAll (const std_real_vector_in us) const
std_real_vector_out sample (size_t num=0) const
DeBoorNet bisect (real value, real epsilon=0.01, bool persnickety=false, size_t index=0, bool ascending=true, size_t maxIter=30) const
Domain domain () const
bool isClosed (real epsilon=0.00001) const
std::string toJSON ()
void fromJSON (std::string json)
void save (std::string path)
void load (std::string path)
void setControlPoints (const std::vector< real > &ctrlp)
void setControlPointAt (size_t index, const std_real_vector_in ctrlp)
void setKnots (const std::vector< real > &knots)
BSpline insertKnot (real u, size_t n) const
BSpline split (real u) const
BSpline tension (real tension) const
BSpline toBeziers () const
BSpline derive (size_t n=1) const

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